Hello :)

My name is Mathieu Dombrock. I’m an experienced freelance software developer specializing in web technologies.

I think that the internet is the possibly the most powerful tool that humanity has ever invented. My goal is to help you harness this amazing technology to build something great.

My Development Philosophy is simple:

The web should be FLUID

It's no secret that most web traffic today is coming from mobile devices. A good site or web app should look great on every screen. By using a "Mobile First" approach, I ensure that your software is both usable and aesthetically pleasing on every device.

The web should be INTUITIVE

The last thing you want is for your users to walk away in frustration. By using well established and proven design patterns I make sure your user interface makes sense and works for everyone.

The web should be FAST

The average internet user will wait about 2 seconds at most for content to load before clicking the back button. Through experience and careful planning, I can create engaging experiences and robust web software that preforms nearly as fast as a native app.

The web should WORK

Last but not least, the web should work for its users. No software will every be perfect, and downtime will never be a thing of the past. However, I believe that though diligence and prudence, we can build a better, more stable web experiences for everyone.